The Importance of Email List Validation

The Importance of Email List Validation

August 18, 2019

The significance of email list validation cannot be overstated. In most cases, it's often missed by organizations and email marketing professionals alike.

What does email list validation mean? It's a procedure that verifies whether an email address is deliverable and valid. Which enables you to do what you really want to do; send an email message to a recipient and that message really be delivered. Email list validation helps ensure your email doesn’t bounce due to an invalid user or mail server.

Everyone that is serious about email marketing knows that bounce rate is a huge problem that cannot go ignored. But, it usually is. The essential motivation behind why you should be validating every subscriber on your email list is that the bounce rate directly influences your sender reputation.

Mailbox administrators utilize various techniques to measure sender reputation. If you’re sending out email to invalid users, email servers will detect you as a spammer. Because even if you aren’t a spammer that is a result of poor list management, which is also frowned upon.

You need to demonstrate that you are a legitimate sender. The first step to doing so, is to ensure that you’re sending to only valid email address. This is why we built - to do just that.

Getting Rid of Those Dangerous Email Addresses

It’s not just bounced emails that can tarnish your sending reputation either. You have to worry about inbox placement too and complainers too. Just because your email is accepted by an email server to a valid user, does not mean they will place your important emails into your user’s inbox. The complainers also can dramatically affect your sending and inbox placement abilities.

Complainers can notify blacklist organizations, or ESPs, that the domain is sending poor emails and you might get null routed, blacklisted, or if you’re lucky just sent straight to the spam folders of the individuals you’re trying to email.

Misspelled Email Addresses

Misspelled email addresses originate from human errors and can seriously increase  your bounce rate. It's typical that you can spot and right clear misspellings like [email protected], [email protected], erick! or [email protected]

To make sure that you steer clear from misspelled addresses, utilize a confirmed opt-in procedure that requires the subscriber to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in your subscription confirmation email.

Lower Mailing Costs

You get more bang for your buck when your emails get delivered to valid inboxes. Regardless of whether you do emailing in-house or not, you should set aside time and cash to make sure you’re doing it right. High deliverability equals less effort and manpower to keep up mailing lists and databases.

Better Reputation

Most marketing specialists agree that bounce rates shouldn't be over 3% to 5%. High bounce rates can prompt the blocking of your emails by ISPs. Or then again, it might mean delivery of your emails to spam folders. Email validation secures against bounces by cleaning your mailing list and helping you maintain that you’re not mailing to spam traps. Additionally, it keeps you away from invalid email addresses and individuals who routinely mark your messages as spam.

Better Leads

Try not to waste time and money emailing terrible leads. Invalid emails will never change become magically valid again. Validating emails guarantees that you are reaching interested parties. Higher open rates translate to more sales, higher brand exposure, and your conversion rates will increase.

Consistently Accurate Statistics

Invalid and bounced emails skew your campaign statistics. They make it hard to assess the genuine viability of your efforts. A decent email verifier cleans your mailing lists and generates detailed reporting to give you the best overall perspective on your client data which helps you focus and optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Ability to Personalize

Effective marketing is about the client experience. A good email collection process collects data such as names and addresses. The user's enthusiastic connection to your organization can have the effect between your organization's prosperity and disappointment. An ongoing review found that 71% of respondents were bound to make a buy if emails were tailored to their wants and preferences. In this way, the more data you have, the more personal you can make your emails.

Proactive Approach

It's a lot simpler to have a procedure set up to remove any potential issues before you are blocked from sending email. Email validation and email list cleaning can help counteract deliverability issues before they even start.


When you keep sending emails to the invalid email addresses and then getting bounces, your sender score will keep decreasing. The lower is your sender score; the higher odds for your emails to hit the spam folder rather than inbox placement.

In the event that your emails are landing in the spam folders, your subscribers or even customers won't see them 9 times out of 10. As you can imagine, if they don’t see your emails, they aren’t accepting your offering which means you’re losing sales.

Therefore, it's highly recommended that you confirm the email list and suppress invalid email addresses prior to you sending email campaigns.